The foundations are clear.  Just look under our name:  

Today’s transactional environment is challenging.  Such a time favors the informed, the skilled, the flexible, the analytical, and the persistent. Serious problem solvers know this.  Good ones act on it.  Effective ones steer it.

Against a backdrop of fast-moving change, transactional goals can change.  Knowledge and efficiency are critical.  Effective outcomes  recognize the role of constructive relationships and the confidence they provide.  An informed principled approach, shepherded by effective dialogue, achieves solutions, whether transactions are local, regional, national, or international.  And, that is Forum LLC's goal.

With skills ranging from pivotal information awarness, problem focusing, and complex negotiation, Forum LLC deploys a broad spectrum of assets.  Forum LLC's commitment to success in the midst of change reflects principle, commitment, engagement, and solution.  Along the way, Forum LLC works with you, your stakeholders, and your bargaining partners to encourage relationships suitable to the particular transaction, goal, and enterprise.