Venues –
Land exchanges, stabilizing economic base and preserving 
     natural resources
Restoring forests, stabilizing ecosystems and re-establishing
     long-term economic assets
Preserving old growth forests, through federal, state, and 
     private collaboration
Stabilizing title for private, local, state, and federal 
     interests through land transactions 
Preserving late succession forests, through federal, 
Native American, and third–party interests 
Preserving rare wetlands and structuring their economic use 
Restoring productive agricultural lands through 
     groundwater dewatering 
Pairing light commercial development through hazardous 
     waste clean-up and light commercial use
Financing hydro-electric just compensation through 
     restructured rate-base 
Renurturing barrier islands through private, state, and 
     federal partnership 
Equitable partitioning of forests 
Creation of long term natural resource assets for 
     governance revenue stability 
Preserving wetlands and concurrent structured limestone mining